Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry Christmas

Oh what fun we had on Christmas!! It was great experiencing their excitment. We are truly blessed to have had a healthy and happy holiday! !
While we were at church "Santas Elves" delivered a present for each of the girls. Pj's... we call them Jams at our house.
And the BIG guys delivers A princess tent...
...with this inside it!!
The girls so excited in the morning!!
Sweet Isabelle getting into mischeif at Nana's house.
Nana & David with a picture of her girls.
Daddy got spoiled on Christmas!! A Keurig coffee maker from his dad AND a Kindle Fire from his mom!! Lucky Boy!
Danielle doing a dance with some head jewelry Nana got her from India.
Our happy family! ;)
She grew fairy wings!
An American Girl Christmas party!
The growing Hanson side of the family.
I'm happy, we're happy!!

Happy Holidays

We had a wonderful Christmas filled with lots of baking (TWO cookie exchanges), viewing lots of Christmas lights, creating our own fun traditions and enjoying time spent with family!! Here's just a glimpse. Hope you all have a wonderful New Year with new memories to be made and exciting adventures!
We picked our "perfect" tree!! It was wonderful because filled the house with a piney aroma the entire time it was up. We definitely picked a good one.
Went to see Santa... needless to say, one of them didn't like it. ;) We took a trip to the ferry terminal to check out all the fancy gingerbread houses. These were our favorites.
The infamous Angry Birds.
My favorite... candyland! On our way out went on a horse drawn carriage ride. BURR, it was cold that day!
Danielle wanted to give the horses a "tip" so she shared the last bit of her apple with them. We came home from a fun filled day and started turning our house into a gingerbread house with all the decorations. The girls were so "helpful!"
This is what our house looked like from the outside this year... always adding more lights!
We went to GG's and did some baking. After they visited "GG's beauty salon", the girls had a great time rolling, patting...
Time for frosting!!
Our little cookie MONSTERS!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Arizona Trip

Danielle and I went to Arizona and visited dad for a few days. The highlight of the trip for Danielle was a trip to the Zoo! She got to ride a camel and feed a giraffe. Pretty cool. Here are some pics and I'll post a video of D on the camel if I can ever get it uploaded to youtube.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Izzy Walking

Izzy was really close to walking for a long time. She finally quickly over a couple week period of time made leap. I caught a few short vids during the process, older first, newest one last.

Those 3 videos all taken the same evening. She still preferred crawling then, over the last couple of weeks since these were taken she has now gone to preferring to walk but occasionally crawls short distances still.

Monday, July 11, 2011

A trip to Hovander

Grant had a half day of work on Saturday which was great. The weather was beautiful so we decided to make the most of it and take a trip out to Hovander park. Always fun out there but I was a little diappointed with the animal display... not much to look at but the girls enjoyed seeing what was there.

Talking to the turkeys. Izzy really doesn't know what to think... but aren't the piggy's cute?

Daddy & his adorable girls checking out the goats.

Some where way up there is Repunzel... oh I mean Danielle. ;)

Grant and I call Danielle the "animal whisperer". She has a very special touch/sense about her. Really, any kind of animal will connect with her in some way. We were on our way back to the car and she kept calling for the cows and Grant kept making "mooing" sounds. Sure enough the three cows came over to say good bye & drink some water. It was a really nice send off. We'll be back again another day for sure!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

4th of July!!

We had the whole family at our house for a couple of days. It was a packed house but also a lot of FUN!! Jonny & Grant did their annual round of golf and us girls just played in the sun and got ready for the neighborhood BBQ!!


GG played "beauty parlor" with the girls so here they are all pretty and ready for the day!! Thanks GG!! (Izzy was napping and missed out!)

Izzy helping with the dishes.

My signature dessert on the 4th! Love it and so does everyone else. ;)

Izzy stealing licks of her sisters Popsicle.

Nothing better than watermelon on the 4th!

The fam crackin' crab!

My friend, neighbor and running partner Michelle! So glad we have some wonderful neighbors.

Good friends and neighbors.

Bubba an the his two younger (and matching) girls!

Playing ladder ball. A fun game indeed!!

The pre light off display! Smoke bombs, tanks, and bottle rockets!


All ready for the big firework show!

D's summer adventures...

Summer at our house is in full swing. Danielle has had a couple Lemonade Stands, she's caught some crabs at the beach, she's taken us on some nature walks, we've been camping in the back yard, and she had to get some "sugar bugs" taken out of her mouth. Danielle is so full of adventure and she amazes me with her discoveries and the things that come out of her mouth! She's one smart, caring, lovable cookie... with even more fun adventures ahead!

Her first Lemonade stand... do made out pretty good $6.50!! She also got tiped. The key is to wave at all the cars passing by.

My pretty adventurous girl!

Getting camp set up with Daddy!!

Peek a Boo!!

Daddy and his girls around the campfire!!

Getting ready to "blast" the "sugar bug" away!!
She was so brave!! Momma on the other hand had to put on a brave face. I was so nervous for her but she was a champion!!!

Work has begun!! (it was so fast, thank god!)

Happy to be all done!!